Cambridge Roller (60-100 HP)

Cambridge Roller (60-100 HP)

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PRODUCT Description //

TYPE Roller Cambridge

  • Independent and oscillating sections
  • Hydraulic drive transport/ work
  • Hydraulic opening/closing of the side sections
  • Cast iron disc Ø 500 and Ø 520


  • Central balancing of sections
  • Hydraulic drive transport/work
  • Hydraulic system for opening and closing rollers
  • Special arrangement of the discs


  • The independent rollers adapt perfectly to the variations of the soil
  • Always the best set-up at work
  • Simple opening and closing of the machine without leaving the tractor
  • Greater efficiency in crushing clods

Technical Sheet //


equipment //

  • Approved towing kit for road transportation
  • Side sections, independent and oscillating and floating rudder
  • Frame with hydraulic turnover in three sections directly from the tractor
  • 530 mm diameter cast iron discs, mounted on a 70 mm shaft, supports with bearings and greaser
  • Support foot with crank adjustment for parking
  • Wheels 10.0/75-15.3 with six-hole hub
  • Rear light bar

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