KING (160-300 hp)

KING (160-300 hp)

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PRODUCT Description //


Thus two important results can be obtained:

  • It is possible to substitute or alternate the plough, when the superficial vegetation is limited.
  • It can be obtained a crumbled layer in deep which allows to drain the rain and store moisture in the ground.

King and Prince rippers can be fited with a rear double roller (also hydraulic) which allows to verify exactly the working depth, by proportioning the involved power, and carry out further work of breaking of clods.

The shanks are made in special steel with specific heat treatments and are fitted with tractive shear bolt. The shaped structure and sturdy frame allows to add shanks to increase working width.

Technical Sheet //


standard equipment//

  • Quick release system on the share
  • Safety bolt system on shank
  • 3° cat. (250/5) hitch and 3°+4° cat. (300 and 400) hitch

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