NFR (60-200 HP)

NFR (60-200 HP)

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PRODUCT Description //


  • Shanks with sheared safety bolt made of high-strenght tempered steel
  • NFR 7-9-11 2° Cat. 3 point hitch
  • NFR 13-15 2° e 3°N Cat. 3 point hitch
  • Share made from special heat-treated materials
  • Strong and sturdy structure
  • Chain-driven roller and incidence regulation
  • Heat-treated steel shank and safety bolt


  • Structure composed by certified quality materials
  • Share made from special heat-treated materials
  • Shanks made of heat-treated microalloyed material
  • Shanks with safety bolts
  • Traction roller with incidence regulation


  • High reliability
  • High durability
  • High resistance
  • Protects the structure from impact with obstacles and allows a rapid replacement
  • Allows you to sharpen the ground more
    of traditional rollers

Technical Sheet //


standard equipment//

  • Shares with heat-treated steel for high resistance with traction safety bolts
  • NFR 5-7-9-11 hitch 2° Cat.
  • NFR 13-15 hitch 2° and 3°N Cat.

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