NT/MV (40-110 HP)

NT/MV (40-110 HP)

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PRODUCT Description //


Reversible chisel shares. Adjustable tinespacing.


Cultivators can be fitted with the hydraulic tree-dodging attachment AS/d-s to work the ground between rows and between the plants in vineyards, orchards, etc.

In one passage. The tree-dodging attachment is particulary suitable for an ecological, rapid and efficient weeds control between plants.

It is also possible to use two tree-dodging attachments at the time to work simultaneously on both sides.


Depth control wheels. Dove-tail share.

Technical Sheet //


Optional equipment//

  • RH Blade group
  • LH Blade group
  • Hoeing disc over flow unit (2/3/4 discs; diameter of disc 31 or 36 cm)
  • Hoeing disc filling unit (2/3 discs; diameter of disc 36 or 41 cm)
  • Power harrow

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