NX65 (350-650 HP)

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product description //

TYPE Reversible parallelogram plows for out-of-furrow, in-furrow and finishing work with variable hydraulic working width and shear and traction safety bolt.

Standard tungsten inserts (excluding chisel bodies)

Frame with resistant section variable according to the efforts

Traction safety bolt (on T models)

Parallelogram displacement with bure boxed


  • Safety bolt (pull on T models)
  • Frame with monolithic structure with variable resistance section built with treated micro-alloyed materials thermally
  • Variable working width by step or hydraulic
  • Fixed head
  • Double extension jack to adjust the inclination of the plow from the tractor
  • Parallelogram out-of-furrow movement with bure boxed
  • Return of the right side slice near the frame


  • Protection of the structure from impact with obstacles
  • High strength of the structure and durability of the parts replacement
  • Work optimization according to the type of soil
  • Unloaded tractor stabilizers
  • Ease and speed in adjusting the inclination of the plough
  • Allows you to work quickly within ∕ out of the furrow and finish with sturdy structure and minimal maintenance of displacement fulcrums
  • It does not limit the excursion of the working body in the event of the safety bolt breaking

Technical sheet //

Technical Data //

standard equipment//

  • Shear bolt (traction on “T” model)
  • Hydraulic turnover
  • Side draft adjustment
  • Double extension jack to adjust the inclination of the plough from the tractor (memory)
  • Hitch pin hydraulic lift
  • Control bar of hydraulic variation on the right side to avoid burden in finishing move

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