TOOL-CARRIER prf (200-300 HP)

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Product Description //

TIPOLOGy Tool-carrier for in-furrow ploughing, on land ploughing and border ploughing

Hydraulic tool-carrier for reversible plough bottoms, for in-furrow ploughing, on land ploughing and border ploughing, with 3
point linkage, for wheel and crawler tractors. Double spin-off hydraulic cylinder with stop valve and lock valve for adjusting
bottoms tilt directly from tractors seat. Hydraulic lateral displacement and adjusting screw for side draft correction and
tractor direction adjustment. Safety shear bolt mounted on each bottom. To operate the tool-carrier, the tractor must be
fitted with 3 double-acting distributors. For tractors not equipped with the 3rd hydraulic distributor, we can supply a switch
with an additional hydraulic connection.
On demand:
  • standard skimmers or disc skimmers for each bottom
  • depth control wheel
  • subsoiler for double
  • layer tillage.

Moreover, on demand, it is possible to supply 2 – furrow ploughs with subsoilers mounted on front bodies too.

Technical sheet //


standard equipment//

  • Bottom coulter
  • II° cat. linkage
  • III° cat. linkage on PRF52

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